Holiday 2005


Appel - the Netherlands


Our short holiday with the four of us, Rianne, Alexander, Sacha & Dominic.

It was a wet, cold, but very beautiful holiday.



5 days old!!


Dominic loves the tractors.

Their favorit toy on the camping.






Dordogne and Loire - France (18th June till 8th July 2005)


We went to France this summer.


The first one and a half week we visit the Dordogne. A beautiful environment with big old castles. We had a good camping with a wonderful swimmingpool for Dominic and Sacha. And most of all.....they had some slides in the swimmingpool for Sacha.


The last week we visit the Loire (south of Paris). This environment has also big castle, but not so old and with more details. Near castle "Chambord" we saw also the "Tour de France 2005". A nice spectacle for the children. and nice cars.









Info of our camping:

Camping "De Maaneschijn"














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