Holiday 2006



April 2006


Landal Greenparks in Holten


One of these little farms was "ours"





May 2006


Camping "De Maaneschijn" in Appel


Our caravan - right


Making soup and diner

Just playing........the whole day.




July 2006


Germany and France


From 8 July till 28th of July we went to Germany and France. The first week we had a beautiful camping in Kirchzarten near Freiburg in Schwarzwald with a beautiful swimmingpool.

After one week went travelled to France in Granges-sur-Volognes. We found a little camping with a swimmingpool in the middle of the mountains.




The beautiful environment in the Alsace.


Whhooo!! We 're going to the swimmingpool!

And of course we trained for the Olympic games 2024. Dominic learned to jump and liked it very much.


Since May 2006 Sacha is learning how to swim and liked it also very much. Especially underwater.


After the rain Sacha and Dominic "cleaning" Dominic's motor.


Of course we had our breakfast every morning outside the caravan.


What a surprise! A circus visit the camping. Sacha was also part of an act.


Look! From these grapes they make wine.




A walk to the "Cascade"(waterfall) in the bush...




Just dreaming........

The cascade of 97 meters high.

















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