Holiday 2007


10th August - 1 September


We went to Germany/Austria/Italy and stay in a lot of different places with our caravan.


We started in Ehrwald (Austria) nearby the "Zugspitze".


After 2 days we went to Weer (Austria) nearby Innsbruck. A very nice campground where Sacha and Dominic did horse-riding, climbing, swimming, playing, riding with their bike and a lot more.


After a week we visit Maria Alm. Here we met Family Wattel, and we spent with them a couple of days.


Via Italy ( the weather was bad) we went back to Austria and visit again the campground in Weer. The reason..... the kids loved it. So we do too!


The last week we went to Bad Durdheim (Germany). There was a little lake on de the campground and we rent a kayak to play as we were the Indians.



















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